Security for chat messages

MetaCert protects companies of all sizes from risks when using messaging apps.

Get Peace
of mind

Immediate protection for every person in your organization, no matter what device they use or where they are located.

Compliance monitoring and management for internal HR policies.

Archive every web link and file shared across your public channels.

Get usage stats on websites that are being shared across your service.

Protection against Phishing campaigns and Malware links.

Protection against potentially harmful bots

Prevent users from opening or sharing adult content that is not safe for work.

Our security tools for messaging apps

Installing MetaCert takes less than 60 seconds. Once installed, the Security Bot is completely integrated within the fabric of your messaging service. It's fast and reliable. And it's suitable for enterprises of all sizes.

Enterprise-grade security and user activity monitoring.

A Security Bot for Skype. See what's on the other side of that short URL.

The best anti-phishing security for iPhone email.

This Security chatbot will tell you if a news article comes from a news source that can be trusted.