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By the end of 2017, the average user was receiving 16 malicious emails per month.

MetaCert is the only company in the world to bring Extended Validation security to native email apps with easy-to-install integrations.

Once set up, visual indicators are inserted into every email to both protect and educate users about phishing.

Problem and solution overview

Before MetaCert

Before MetaCert

After MetaCert

Before MetaCert

Security and education built into a single solution that takes minutes to install.

Wait, doesn’t my existing security service have me covered?

Unfortunately, no. Research shows that 90% of all data breaches start with spear phishing.

No one is safe from phishing attacks. Big and small organizations across all industries are routinely affected. In fact, 76% of organizations say they experienced phishing attacks in 2017.

Even with the most advanced AI and machine-learning techniques, it’s impossible for any security company to detect and prevent every phishing attack. This is why MetaCert is taking a completely new approach that will mitigate the risk of someone at your company opening the wrong link.

For added protection, MetaCert works well with existing security solutions:

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The problem with existing solutions

This email has been through a multiple security and anti-spam filters.

It contains dangerous links.

Current solutions do not provide users with any indicators of trust. You can’t tell if this is a safe email or not.

Most phishing attacks are masked behind redirects — so even when you think it’s safe, it might not be — even people who bother to preview each link are unsafe.

It only takes one errant tap on a dangerous URL to compromise a user’s mobile device.

It’s difficult to know which links are safe to open

problem screenshot

Protect your business in 5 minutes

Welcome to the Industry’s first Extended Validation security solution for native email apps on Apple computers and iPhone..

MetaCert is the first company to bring the concept of Extended Validation to native email apps with an easy-to-install security integration. Once set up, visual indicators are inserted into every email to both protect and educate users about what is safe and what is not.

green shield icon
grey shield icon
red shield icon

MetaCert tells you which links are safe

protect screenshot
Setup screenshot

Setup in 5 minutes

It’s easy to test the value of our service without disrupting your live environment or existing security solutions. You can also invite colleagues to participate at any time.

Email Platforms

Apple logo

Apple Mail

Supercharge Apple’s iOS native mail client.

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Give your Android native email app serious protection.

Thunderbird logo


Mozilla’s desktop email client gets extended protection.

Outlook logo


Microsoft Outlook on iOS, Android and Windows apps.

Coming soon
Gmail logo


Google’s mobile iOS and Android apps plus browser add-on.

Coming soon

How It Works

Mail App: Configuration set up done manually or automatically to connect existing mail account(s).

Proxy Service: Runtime service processing incoming URLs, references Index for classification, annotating links inside message for threat visualization.

Mail Providers: Where messages are delivered and stored in email service provider mailbox.

Security: We leverage modern authentication (OAuth) to protect user’s credentials. This provides a secure mechanism to access mail provider data without ever touching a user’s credentials. At setup, the user authenticates directly against the identify provider (Google, Microsoft, etc) and receives an access token in return, which grants the Proxy Service access to the user’s mailbox. At no time does MetaCert have access to the user’s password in any form.

Scheme How It Works

Phishing sites hide behind redirects and shortened URLs

Most people think they are safe when they hover over hyperlinked text to see where it goes. This is a big mistake!

Every link inside the email to the right redirects 3 times before taking users to a phishing website.

Screenshot redirects and shortened URLs

All of the links inside this email actually go to:

MetaCert automatically ‘unfurls’ redirects and shortened URLs before checking the real destination page against the MetaCert threat intelligence to see if they are safe before displaying the correct shield. It does all of this in less than 300ms.

Masked URL --> --> --> Destination URL

Phishing is the #1
cybersecurity problem worldwide

Corporate customers that use multiple email security solutions say that phishing remains a massive problem for them.

of all breaches start with spear phishing.

Spear Phishing

Spear phishing is a phishing method that targets specific individuals or groups within an organization. It is a potent variant of phishing, a malicious tactic which uses emails, social media, instant messaging, and other platforms to get users to divulge personal information or perform actions that cause network compromise, data loss, or financial loss. While phishing tactics may rely on shotgun methods that deliver mass emails to random individuals, spear phishing focuses on specific targets and involve prior research.

Many security companies today incorporate machine learning, heuristics, reputation and content analysis with built-in AI into their solutions. Unfortunately they are still unable to detect and prevent every new spear phishing attack.

The truth is, spear phishing is difficult to detect. If it wasn’t difficult, 90% of all data breaches wouldn’t start with spear phishing.

Metacert screenshot

So, what’s the answer?


MetaCert protects you from known phishing links. However, that’s not where the magic is. Our approach is simple, but exceptionally effective.

MetaCert displays a grey shield next to newly created phishing sites that go undetected by other security companies.

Enterprise customers who get their domains classified by us, now tell employees:

“Only open company links that have a green shield. And do not open links with a grey shield.”

MetaCert works well in conjunction with other anti-spam and security solutions.

Cryptocurrency is a new attack vector for phishing scams in the enterprise

By the time you read this $845 will have been stolen in a crypto phishing scam.

Ernst & Young reported that more than 10% of $3.7 billion raised in ICOs has been stolen. Phishing was the most widely used hacking technique for ICOs, with hackers stealing up to $1.5 million in ICO proceeds per month.

It’s extremely likely that some of your employees are crypto enthusiasts. Crypto trading increases the likelihood of your organization being breached.

atack vector screenshot

MetaCert is the #1 cybersecurity company in crypto

MetaCert protects more crypto investors and traders around the world, than all other security companies combined. This provides us with unique insight to the attack vectors that include websites, social media accounts and wallet addresses.


MetaCert’s security integration was insalled by almost every crypto company on Slack. As a result, phishing was eradicated.

1,000+ crypto companies and 1 million crypto enthuasists are protected by MetaCert inside Telegram.


80,000 crypto traders and investors are protected with the MetaCert Cryptonite browser extension - Chrome, Firefox, Opera.

200,000 customers of crypto wallets that have integrated MetaCert’s anti-phishing API are protected from phishing attacks.


Our mission is to eradicate phishing inside native email apps for everyone. Our track record demonstrates we mean business.


You know you are safe when you see the green shield from MetaCert