We would like to see new and improved family safety controls across every device with Internet access. So, we're building products and services to make this happen.


Why MetaCert?

MetaCert’s focus is on providing a safer Internet environment for kids who use smartphones and tablets, with a unique approach to blocking inappropriate and harmful content.

We have built a standalone iOS browser, an Android app and extensions for Firefox and Chrome as well as offering a DNS based solution that provides 7 to 10 times greater protection than OpenDNS.

We are unique in this space because we built a classification platform that has indexed more pornography than any other company in the world by an order of magnitude with our system classifying new content 24x7. We are the first company to classify down to the page level and we have the Industry's lowest error rate of false positives.

We are also unique because we are the first company to offer a real-time API service to OEMs, Wireless Carriers, Routers and ISPs. We are also the first company to build custom Android firmware for OEMs and Wireless Carriers to pre-load Internet Safety inside the device settings.

The team

Paul Walsh
Sheetal M. Walsh
VP Partnerships
Vijay Tella
Francey Hakes
Advisory Council
Geir Rasmussen
Advisory Council
Angus Bankes
Advisory Council
Paraschos Vasiliadis
Software Engineer
David Rooks
QA Manager
Nicholas Sheriff
Product Designer
Colm Hally
Software Engineer
Darragh Kirwan
Software Engineer
Paul Walsh

In 2003, Paul founded Segala, a specialist in mobile testing and the first test house to become an associate member of the GSM Association. Paul co-founded Shanti Microfinance in 2009 and has since visited many of the loan recipients in India. He advises the board on overall strategy, visiting partners on the ground and identifying technology partners in order to increase accessibility.

Paul was the first AOL employees in Europe during the mid 90′s and built his first website in 1996. As the company’s first Technical Accounts Manager and International Beta Coordinator for the UK & Sweden, Paul was responsible for the test management of all new products and technologies – including AIM, Internet Radio, Online games and 56k modem speed. From 2006-2008 Paul served as Chair of the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) – the longest established and most respected Industry association to represent the UK Digital Industry. During his time as an Advisor to the British Council between 2007 – 2009, Paul advised senior management on its Digital Pioneer programme with Hong Kong and its Creative Entrepreneur programme with India.

Paul is a world-renowned advocate and creator of Internet and mobile standards. His work with the World Wide Consortium (W3C), where standards such as HTML have been created, is well documented and referenced by publishers and governments around the world. Paul is one of the seven original founders of the W3C Mobile Web Initiative and was a member of the Steering Council for the first year while also representing Segala as a member of the W3C Advisory Council. Paul is the co-creator of the W3C’s first incubator project which later became the industry standard for labeling content known as POWDER, replacing the old standard called PICS, which is still in use by the Microsoft Internet Explorer filter, Content Advisor. Paul is leading MetaCert to become the first company worldwide to go to market with a platform and product portfolio using W3C POWDER.

Paul is an investor and partner in a Dublin-based Michelin-rated Indian restaurant called Jaipur.