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Highest rated safe browser on the AppStore

The world's #1 rated safe browsers with parental controls.

Better Internet Safety for Families and Schools.
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I have an iPad

MetaCert is the #1 rated Safe Browser on the AppStore. It's also recommended by Genius staff at Apple Stores in Silicon Valley. It's fast, secure, safe and reliable. No in-app ads!

  • Blocks over 700 million pages of adult content.
  • Beautifully designed and feature-rich.
  • Fully customizable block list.

I have an Android tablet

With MetaCert Parental Controls for Android you can make sure your kids are doing homework and not playing games or emailing friends. Suitable for kids and teens.

  • Control when your kids can use apps and the Internet.
  • Blocks adult content when using the Internet.
  • Easy to install. Simple to setup.

I use Chrome on my computer

Our Chrome extension is the #1 rated safe browser on the Chrome Store. It's suitable for young kids and adults who wish to avoid pornography. Takes less than 60 seconds to setup!

  • Blocks over 700 million pages of adult content.
  • Removes billions of adults images & videos from search.
  • Restrict access to white listed websites.


No hardware or software required!

MetaCert's cloud-based content filtering technology is designed for ISPs, OEMs, Browser Vendors, Search Engines, WiFi Hotspot Providers, Router Manufacturers and any other company that provides Internet access to customers.

For adults

Do you have an addiction to pornography?

It's time your needs for better protection against pornography were met without having to use safe browsers, parental controls and content filters that are designed for kids.

Our products are designed with your needs in mind.
Our safe browser for iPad is arguably the best designed iPad browser on the market, which is probably why it's better rated than Chrome!

Not only is the new design clean and attractive, but also the browser has some new features that make it suitable for any age. Absolutely love the safety MetaCert brings.

For Schools

MetaCert Safe Browser for iPad is perfect for schools.

It's fast, safe and reliable, supporting services such as Dropbox & Evernote. MetaCert is completely free, with no in-app ads!

Brilliant. Thank you. I use this for myself and the kids.

Why MetaCert?

Well you don't have to take our word for it.

This is now the default browser on our family iPad! Thank you and keep up the great work!!!
Awesome, it has that safety but familiar browsing experience. Good job to the team.
This browser just keeps getting better and better, love this update!
This is fast. And I love the simple options to change between strong and extra strong.

How can MetaCert be free?

We get paid by big companies that use our data and technology to help improve family safety in their products and services. Unlike other companies, we don't charge for our safe browsers or parental controls. And we don't have annoying in-app ads either. Our Safe DNS service was built for one thing; to provide better protection against pornography. By building the world's most sophisticated content filtering technology, we keep our costs low, which allows us to offer a free Safe DNS service to families and non-profits. If you are a non-profit using OpenDNS, you should switch to MetaCert today!

Web pages labeled for internet safety

With the biggest database in the world, our safe browsers and parental controls provide better protection than Norton, McAfee and OpenDNS combined!