The MetaCert Security API is designed for native apps that use a WebView and hybrid apps built inside a WebView container.
Apps can lookup 10 billion + URLs in 250ms with just six lines
of code. All the intelligence is on our backend.

The Security API silently checks the reputation of web links in real time, providing an invisibly secure experience by blocking malicious and unwanted links from loading inside your app.

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“It took longer to write the press release than it did to integrate the MetaCert API with our platform. And we started to generate a new revenue stream within 24 hours.”

Founder & CEO, AppMakr

With over 1.8 million apps created on the AppMakr platform and thousands more being created daily AppMakr is the largest DIY publisher of mobile apps in the world.



Whether you’re building a messaging app for your own company, or on an enterprise app for a client, end-users are not safe from malicious links inside your app if it has the ability to display web content. The MetaCert Security API is a low-cost security solution that can only increase your clients’ or end-users’ trust in your brand.

Porn-blocking Apps

If you’re building an mobile app or hardware device that allows end-users to block pornography, the MetaCert Security API is perfect for you. MetaCert is the first company in the world to classify down to the folder-level. This means the Security API catches hundreds of millions of URLs that our competitors fail to block.

App & API Platforms

Over 50% of apps built on the AppMakr Platform subscribed to at least one MetaCert Security Service. Of those, over 80% subscribed to both. By offering the Security API to your developer community you benefit from a new monthly recurring revenue stream. You also stand to benefit from positive PR for offering in-app security on your platform. Our API is extremely easy to integrate and we’ll help you along the way.


Anti-virus apps do not protect your consumers from phishing attacks that take place inside apps, browsers or SMS. And this type of attack is responsible for the spread of most mobile malware today.

By protecting your consumers with the MetaCert enterprise grade Security API, you can promote your mobile device as more suitable for BYOD policies and enterprise solutions.

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Pricing plans for developers

Malware & Phishing AND Pornography Filter

Full protection from 10 billion+ URLs of malware, phishing and pornography.

$10/ mo

$99/ year

Malware & Phishing

Keep your end-users safe by preventing them from unintentionally accessing sites known for phishing, malware or viruses (including links from pages that your app links to). Promote your app as “Protected by MetaCert”.

$7/ mo

$70/ year

Pornography Filter

Added protection to ensure that known pornographic pages are never displayed in your app by any websites that you link to, or secondary sites that they link to. Promote your app as “Protected by MetaCert”.

$7/ mo

$70/ year

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MetaCert’s low-cost enterprise API is the backbone to some of the most widely used parental control applications on the market. We built a database of over 10 billion URLs so you don’t have to.
Start with a free trial and only pay as you grow your customer base. Get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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Offering your app developers a the Security API is guaranteed to open up a new stream of recurring revenue each month. Integrate a few lines of code with absolutely no disruption to your own build or sales cycle and we’ll share the revenue. Get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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Protect your customers from phishing attacks and mobile malware before they even open a browser or app. Take a proactive approach to security and integrate the MetaCert Enterprise API. Get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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