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The world doesn’t need another security company that tells you what’s dangerous.

You need to know what’s safe.


We live in a world where everything is opened and shared with a link.

And our communication habits have changed...

We now open and share links everywhere, everyday using: Email Clients, Webmail, Cloud Storage, Slack, Facebook, Twitter, Internet Browsers, LinkedIn, Skype...

Apple Google Microsoft Office Exchange Outlook Slack Telegram Yahoo Chrome Skype Messenger

90% of attacks that involve data breaches and identity theft start with one person opening one dangerous link.

The numbers are staggering.

Email phishing was the #1 ransomware vehicle in 2017


of ransomware attacks originate with phishing


of data breaches start with phishing


is the average cost of a phishing attack on a mid-sized company


of phishing emails get opened by employees


of breaches start on endpoint devices

The most devastating attacks by the most sophisticated attackers, almost always begin with the simple act of spear phishing.

Jeh Johnson
Secretary, Department of Homeland Security, United States of America

Wait, my security solutions have me covered, right?

Unfortunately no. Organizations that use a combination of endpoint, network-based, and email security solutions are still at risk of an employee opening one dangerous link, or using one dangerous website.

... because no matter how good they are, it’s technically impossible for any security company to catch every new phishing, malware, or ransomware attack.

And internet browsers are putting everyone at an even greater risk


This is a very serious problem. You can no longer trust the padlock.

Whether you open a link inside a cloud service, desktop email, webmail, Skype, Facebook, Slack or any other channel, they always load inside your preferred internet browser.

The way we have been taught to trust websites is now doing more harm than good.

The padlock is now an existential threat to internet safety across every browser.

Almost every threat actor now uses the browser padlock to trick people into trusting dangerous websites.

It’s time to stop relying on the browser padlock.

Why relying on the padlock can be dangerous.


of all new phishing sites display a padlock


of malware URLs classified display a padlock


of illegal URLs display a padlock

What is the common thread?

A world where one dangerous link can lead to a phishing, malware, or ransomware attack.

Blocking dangerous URLs and dangerous websites is important, but it’s not enough.

warning page

Every leading security company with a “threat intelligence system” is focused on detecting and blocking known malicious URLs. Like other companies, MetaCert owns a database of malicious URLs.

However, even organizations that implement security solutions from multiple vendors are still exposed with this legacy approach.

When a dangerous link gets through existing security solutions, you are left to use your intuition - you must guess which links are safe and which websites you can trust.

MetaCert is the best solution to protect you, your organization, or your family from phishing, malware, ransomware, data breaches, and identity theft.

MetaCert is the one product that tells you which links are safe, and which websites you can trust.

We call this “Verified as Safe”

green shield in your browser

Meet the new standard for internet security

We use the best of modern URL classification technology that we built internally, to tell you which links are safe, and which websites you can actually trust.

With millions of URLs verified as safe, our software reduces the risk of all cyberattacks that start with dangerous URLs by more than 99%.

Customers who use MetaCert no longer worry about malware, phishing or ransomware attacks. And we make it virtually impossible to sign into the wrong website.

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Guilty until proven innocent

Grey Shield in your browser

Websites that display a grey shield should be treated with extreme caution as they are not verified as safe.

This is how MetaCert makes it virtually impossible for anyone to fall for new threats that go undetected by security systems that rely on artificial intelligence and blacklists of known threats.

We have classified millions of URLs as safe, growing every minute of every day. And you can add your own whitelisted domains using the MetaCert Verify service.

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Don’t take
our word for it

Integral is a technology partner for
over 200 top-tier financial institutions.

Harpal Sandhu photo

We have installed MetaCert across our entire company.

None of our staff will sign into a website that doesn’t have a green shield. And it took just minutes to teach everyone how to use it. It’s amazing.

It’s amazing.

Harpal Sandhu
Founder & CEO

Grey Shield in your browser

Protect your computer from crypto mining websites

Hackers are placing crypto mining software on devices, networks, and websites at an alarming rate. MetaCert will spot it before it does great harm.

Enterprises are very much on the lookout for any signs of critical data being stolen or encrypted in a ransomware attack. Cryptojacking is stealthier, and it can be hard for companies to detect. The damage it causes is real but isn't always obvious.

The damage can have an immediate financial impact if the crypto mining software infects cloud infrastructure or drives up the electric bill. It can also hurt productivity and performance by slowing down machines.

MetaCert is one of the first companies to include anti-crypto mining protection built-in. MetaCert will auto detect and block access to websites that contain crypto mining code.

Cryptocurrency is a new attack vector phishing scams in the enterprise

Ernst & Young reported that more than 10% of $3.7 billion raised in ICOs had been stolen. Phishing was the most widely used hacking technique for ICOs, with hackers stealing up to $1.5 million in ICO proceeds per month.

MetaCert protects more crypto investors and traders around the world than all other security companies combined. This provides us with unique insight to the attack vectors that include crypto websites, social media accounts, and wallet addresses.

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90% of all data breaches start with spear phishing

Spear phishing is a phishing method that targets specific employees or groups within your organization. It is a potent variant of phishing, a malicious tactic which uses emails, social media, instant messaging, and other platforms to get users to divulge personal information or perform actions that cause network compromise, data loss, or financial loss.

While phishing tactics may rely on shotgun methods that deliver mass emails to random individuals, spear phishing focuses on specific targets and involve prior research about your employees.

Many security companies today incorporate machine learning, heuristics, reputation, and content analysis with built-in AI into their solutions. Unfortunately, they are still unable to detect and prevent every new spear phishing attack.

Say goodbye
to spear phishing

Use MetaCert Verify to classify your corporate, customer, and partner domains.

By displaying the Green Shield for your whitelisted domains, every employee benefits from immediate protection with no need for a software update.

MetaCert also reduces anti-phishing awareness training from hours of training videos to a simple policy: “do not trust links unless you see the Green Shield.”

MetaCert provides full protection across every channel

Whether links are shared or opened inside a cloud service, email, Skype, Facebook, Slack or any other channel, employees are fully protected by MetaCert.

The software takes 60 seconds to install and 60 seconds to train employees in how to use it.

MetaCert has everything needed for companies with as few as 5, or as many as 50,000 employees.

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“Verified as Safe” keeps getting smarter


While MetaCert and other security companies get smarter when crowdsourcing new threats, only MetaCert gets smarter as more domains are verified as safe by our customers every hour of every day.

Some of our colleagues in the security industry believe URL classification is too hard to get right.

They’re right; it is hard. But we’re the ones who coinstigated the creation of the Standard for URL Classification at the W3C, the Standards body for the World Wide Web. And our R&D into URL Classification and the human behavior around visual indicators for website identity started back in 2004.

While others find URL classification hard, we find it easy. Punching above our weight against incumbent multi-billion dollar security companies is hard.

Works well with others

Organizations often use multiple security solutions to defend against a wide variety of threats.

MetaCert is designed to fit in seamlessly - complementing existing solutions, providing maximum protection, without conflict.

You can think of MetaCert as your first line of defense or your last line of defense. Either way, MetaCert will be the most powerful layer of security you ever install.

Key Benefits

  • Anyone can install MetaCert
  • No friction - 1 minute to install
  • Convenient - 1 minute
    to learn how to use it
  • Low touchpoint - requires little support
  • Network-effect - MetaCert gets smarter as our customers, partners and community submit new safe URLs.
  • Tells you what links are safe and which websites you can trust.
  • Protects you from known phishing, malware and ransomware links and websites.
  • Protects you from websites that hijack computer systems for the purpose of mining cryptocurrency.
  • MetaCert works seamlessly alongside every other solution in the market - zero conflicts.

People love MetaCert because it empowers them to make better informed choices about what to trust.

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