MetaCert Managed Service Provider Program

Grow your revenue, and reduce customer support queries related to suspicious emails and websites.


Program Overview

The MetaCert Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program enables you to grow your business, increase revenue while lowering costs, and provides a simple, but powerful solution for security with built-in awareness training. MetaCert offers you the first browser-based security solution that provides your customers with full protection across mMacs and PC computers.

Our software massively reduces the time and effort associated with responding to customer concerns about suspicious emails and suspicious websites. The MSP program delivers competitive MSP pricing with exceptional margins, and flexible billing options to suit your clients' individual needs.

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Partner Benefits

  • Anyone can install MetaCert
  • No friction - 1 minute to install
  • Convenient - 1 minute to learn
 how to use it
  • Low touchpoint -
 requires little support
  • Network-effect - MetaCert gets
smarter as your customers submit new safe URLs.
  • We are confident you will love our program because our software reduces your overall customer support time and cost - fewer people will call your support line to ask about “suspicious links” and “suspicious emails”.
  • Extremely easy for you to bundle MetaCert
with your existing offerings, and it’s very 
  • You can up-sell MetaCert to existing customers for use at home to protect their family
  • MetaCert works seamlessly alongside every other solution in the market - zero conflicts

Your customers will love MetaCert because it turns their end-users into a personal firewall for their organization.

Don’t take
our word for it

As someone who has to worry about customers clicking on bad links daily, we are beyond excited about MetaCert and their "Verified-as-Safe" model.

We believe this is a huge step forward in internet security and believe that MetaCert will be a major player in the security ecosystem of the future - we are all in.”

Llyod Woods
Founder & CTO, Shelter Blue

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